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Kpop is like a stereotypical highschool



you have the popular girls: 

and the popular boys:

You have the seniors:

And the juniors:

You have the Gangsters: 


and the cute girls:

You also have the awful rumours, the people judging you for every little thing and the struggle to please everyone. 

so K-pop seems like a high school, only multiplied tenfold. 

Don’t forget the cute boys









when a fan whispered a compliment to Key

I will forever reblog this ain’t nobody gonna stop meh


The way Key stares at her is like a scene from a movie.

look at the notes, i think someone should write a fanfic, i’ve reblogged this like 10 times or something

Key waited patiently as always, rocking back and forth on his heels. His mind was hazed from exhaustion and his repetitive schedule: run from one place to another, listen to screaming fangirls, perform, there was never anything new. Key kept thinking of all that had to be done, his head pounding into a numb feeling from the whirring thoughts.

You’re so handsome~" said a sweet voice, overpowered by the screaming of the other fangirls. But Key heard it, loud and clear, and his head lightened instantly. He swiftly turned his head to the passing fan, whose face he couldn’t see quick enough.

'Handsome…' Key thought, a soft smile spreading on his lips unconsciously. He felt his face get warm and his heart beat skipped a beat, and Key couldn't pin down why. It was just a compliment like any other, he had heard plenty his whole career. But this one…

'Not pretty or cute…handsome. They only call Minho or Jonghyun that, not me. Handsome…'

Key quickly turned his head back and bit his lip to stop the overpowering smile that had creeped onto it.

'Guess I'll need to look at some fancams later,' he thought, laughing to himself.

idk don’t kill me i can’t write.

JESUS CHRIST I LOVE YOU FOR ACTUALLY WRITING THAT ASDFGHJGFDSA. I’m actually gonna make a short fanfic with this gifset xD

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  • before being a SHINee fan:

    so this guy jong... *googles his name* jong huyn *googles it again to be sure* jong hyun *googles a third time, open wikipedia page and copy name* Jong-hyun *erases hyphen and uses lower case* jonghyun is cute

  • now:

    *closes eyes* jonghyun *types with elbow* jonghyun *with tongue* jonghyun *with pelvis* jonghyun *with jonghyun's face* jonghyun

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